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Living costs continue to rise, even here at home. Many families are food insecure, and depend heavily on services like our food banks, free medical clinics, and shelters. Support our local programs this Ramadan.


Partner with us to uplift lives across Pakistan through crucial welfare and development initiatives, enhancing health, education, and quality of life.

Urgent Gaza Relief

Gaza is in crisis. Immediate aid is critical. Your donation provides essential relief to those in urgent need. Stand with Gaza—every contribution makes a difference.

In the midst of deepening crisis, the people of Gaza are in dire need of immediate assistance. Homes and hospitals lie in ruin, and essential supplies are scarce. Your swift support can bring vital relief to those facing the gravest of challenges. Every donation counts, providing not just the essentials of survival, but a message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in their hour of need. Act now—give to the Urgent Gaza Relief Fund and be a part of the urgent humanitarian response.

Project Ramadan

Join Project Ramadan in addressing hunger during the holiest of months. With every $70 basket you fund, we can provide a family in need with a month's worth of food, transcending race, religion, or ethnicity.

Help us reach our goal to alleviate food insecurity. Your contribution ensures sustenance and compassion are shared this Ramadan.

For more details or to donate a basket, visit Together, we can spread nourishment and kindness.

Help us fight hunger with Project Ramadan. For just $70, you can give a family a month's food supply. No matter who they are, your help matters.

Donate a basket and bring hope this Ramadan. Visit to learn more or contribute.

MWC Umrah Giveaway

Enter our Umrah Giveaway to spiritually connect in Mecca and Medina. Imagine yourself in these holy cities, feeling your faith deepen with every step. Sign up now to enrich your Islamic journey and find peace.

Win a sacred journey to Mecca and Medina with our Umrah Giveaway. Sign up to potentially transform your spirituality in these ancient cities of faith. Fill in your details, enter the giveaway, and you could walk the paths of prophets. It's simple – press the button below, fill in your details, and embrace a life-changing experience.

MWC Mailer Donation Form

Donate to Muslim Welfare Canada and light up futures. Your pledge to our donation form supports crucial initiatives—clean water, childcare, disaster relief, and education for those in need.

Make a profound impact by donating to Muslim Welfare Canada, Your donation can help ignite a brighter future for many. By filling out our donation form, you can contribute to various programs that make a real difference—like providing clean water, supporting child care, aiding disaster relief efforts, and championing education in underserved communities.

Join us in this noble cause; every pledge brings us closer to a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Your generosity can pave the way for sustainable development, transformative education, and the nurturing of hopeful, healthy communities worldwide.

Please fill out the pledge form and become a part of this positive change today.

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