• Help MWC Support Deaf Children in Pakistan There are over 1 million deaf children in Pakistan, yet only 5% of these children attend school. This is due to the inequality and lack of resources at schools in terms of accommodating Deaf children and training teachers and parents. Furthermore, deaf children are more likely to face […]

  • Saving a Nation Since 1999, the Muslim Welfare Canada has made a concerted effort to lead the fight against child labour, poverty and illiteracy in developing nations. Currently, we are running two schools in the less affluent areas of Karachi, Pakistan. Here, through the generous support of our donors, over 700 children receive free Primary […]

  • Water – the Source of Life In acknowledgement of your support, Muslim Welfare Canada will place a plaque with the sponsor’s name on each well or hand pump. To learn more or to make a donation, please email muslim@mwcanada.org or call us at 416-754-8116.  

  • Your Qurbani will bring a smile to hungry kids. Many families in the world don’t get to enjoy meat as we do here – where it is readily available and affordable. This Eid, consider donating your obligatory Qurbani through Muslim Welfare Canada so that we can continue to distribute meat to the less fortunate regions […]

  • Giving Hope Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis seem to hit around the world with regularity, and without warning. While the duration of these events last mere seconds or minutes, the devastation is often irreparable. Every year, communities around the globe experience such devastation, leaving people homeless; injured or disabled; penniless, and […]

  • Rebuilding lives – 80 shelters, 500+ villagers In the summer of 2010, massive floods hit Pakistan and affected 18.1 million people (7 million people in Sindh province) while displacing almost 4.5 million into temporary camps and displacement centers. Floodwaters negatively impacted an estimated 900,000 households in Sindh, damaging or destroying 1,894,530 houses and saturating 224,630 […]

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