Help MWC Support Deaf Children in Pakistan

There are over 1 million deaf children in Pakistan, yet only 5% of these children attend school. This is due to the inequality and lack of resources at schools in terms of accommodating Deaf children and training teachers and parents. Furthermore, deaf children are more likely to face dire living conditions, abuse and exploitation.

Deaf Reach seeks to change this. Deaf Reach caters to the needs of the Deaf community, providing education, vocation, skills and job training to deaf youth nationwide. Additional programs include training for parents, family members and teachers of the Deaf.

Every child deserves the right to education and equal opportunity. MWC understands the importance of equality within communities. We have pledged $50k a year towards Deaf Reach so that they may continue their wonderful work in helping children get the care and education they deserve.

MWC is honoured to support deaf children in Pakistan through Deaf Reach, an organization that supports student’s education and skills training.

You can support a deaf child for a month for only $85.

As a donor, you will be provided the profiles of the child/children that you are supporting.

Will you support a deaf child today?