Serving Those Who Are Serving Others

Muslim Welfare Canada’s sole mission since the beginning of the pandemic, has been to serve communities in need and help them through these difficult times.

Frontline workers have been working non-stop to provide care and service to the sick and elderly.  We need our frontline workers now more than ever to help combat the pandemic. However, they are in need of our help as well. 

With COVID-19 on the rise again and hospitals overflowing with patients, healthcare workers barely have time to take a break, or even eat a proper meal. Many are suffering from the emotional and physical toll of taking care of COVID-19 patients, as well as making sure that they and their families stay safe.

Our Impact

Our Feed The Frontline project began in April 2020, at the Warmer Centre in Ajax, Ontario, where we served 1100 meals to frontline workers.

MWC Frontline Workers - Meal Drop Off 2
MWC Frontline Workers - Meal Drop Off 1
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Our goal is to help frontline workers in any way we can. By providing them meals, we hope to make a positive impact on their daily schedules, so that they may stay well-nourished and healthy as they gear up to keep our communities safe.

Due to COVID-19, the need for food and support is at an all-time high and expected to continue to rise, highlighting the importance of your support. 

How You Can Help:

  • Donate: Your generous donation will provide a meal to a frontline worker, helping them stay healthy during their demanding job.
  • Donate food items and supplies: Muslim Welfare Canada is always looking to expand our relationship with suppliers in order to ensure that community members are receiving the highest quality items.