Ensure Children Go Back To School With Smiles!

1 in 5 children across Canada lives in poverty. HALF of all First Nation children are living below the poverty line. School begins soon and many parents are crossing items off their shopping list.

Pens, notebooks, binders, crayons, erasers … the list goes on. There are many things children need for school – but the sad truth is that not every child will be headed back with a backpack filled with essential school supplies.

When families face decisions, such as keeping their lights on or their children’s bellies full, it means their children’s backpacks often remain empty. Every year, these students bear the burden of knowing their families cannot provide the required school supplies.

Preparation is the key to success – yet if these children don’t have school supplies, how are they preparing to succeed? Something as small as a pencil and paper can make a BIG difference in their lives. Your small donation could be putting a pencil into the hands of tomorrow’s doctor, lawyer – or even Prime Minister.

URGENT: With the current pandemic and the mass layoffs that took place earlier this year – with many still out of work – families who were struggling before, are struggling even more.

Over the past 8 years, MWC has been working hard to ensure that every child is on the path to success. Our Fill A Backpack program prepares students from low-income families for a successful school year and provides them access to the same essential school supplies as their classmates. No child should have to miss out on learning because of factors they can’t control!

Since 2014, we have packed and distributed over 15,000 backpacks across the GTA, Inuvik, and Iqaluit, ensuring children go back to school with smiles!

By donating as little as $25 today, YOU can help us send one child back to school with the supplies and tools they need to succeed.