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Making healthcare accessible to the uninsured.

For many new arrivals to Canada, widely considered one of the best countries to live in, access to affordable health care is an everyday struggle. Ontario, in particular has welcomed a growing and diverse immigrant population while its health care system has struggled to keep pace. To address the needs of this expanding segment, Muslim Welfare Centre established a Free Medical Clinic for the uninsured in Scarborough in 2009. A second clinic opened in Mississauga in the Fall of 2015.

These  clinics offer  healthcare services to individuals not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or other health insurance plans. Amongst those we serve are new immigrants waiting for OHIP coverage to begin, refugees, students and visitors. Medical care is provided by licensed physicians and nurses who dedicate their time and expertise to serve patients, strictly on a voluntary basis. The clinics receive medicines from a local pharmaceutical company and have also developed a network of health care providers (pharmacies, doctors, specialists, diagnostic labs, etc.) willing to serve the needy patients at reduced rates. As the clinics provide mostly incidental care, patients with emergencies or who require critical care are encouraged to visit the local hospital.

The clinics are open once a week and patients are encouraged to book appointment.

For medical inquiries/reports, please email:

For volunteer opportunities or to donate to this program, please call 416-754-8116 or 1-866-754-3111.


Scarborough Location

(By appointment only,
sorry no walk-ins)


Tel: 416-291-1027
Fax: 416-291-0896


Physician Name Day Date Clinic Timing
1. Dr. Raheel Thursday February 1 10am-1pm
2. Dr. Hussain Friday  February 9 3pm-6pm
3. Dr. Kanjee Thursday February 15 6pm-9pm
4. Dr. Contractor Friday February 23 5pm-8pm

Mississauga Location


Tel: 905-306-8371
Fax: 905-306-8372


Physician Name Day Date Clinic Timing
1. Dr. Sarah Saturday February 3 11am-2pm
2. Dr. Casim Thursday February 8 10:30am-1:30pm
3. Dr. Aleem Friday February 16 4pm-7pm
4. Dr. Ahraaz Saturday February 24 10am-1pm



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