Saving a Nation

Since 1999, the Muslim Welfare Canada has made a concerted effort to lead the fight against child labour, poverty and illiteracy in developing nations. Currently, we are running two schools in the less affluent areas of Karachi, Pakistan. Here, through the generous support of our donors, over 700 children receive free Primary and Secondary education (from Kindergarten to Grade 10). We provide school-aged children with free access to school uniforms, school supplies, shoes and other tools for success. Through this program, we also support the families of the students by providing groceries so that the children are not forced to work to supplement the family’s income and to continue their education with us.

Your funds are used to support:

  • Free education
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • Uniforms
  • School snacks
  • Free groceries for the family

As a donor you are providing a chance to end the cycle of child poverty in this community. You are giving them a chance to build strong foundations for a better future. When you become a donor, you will receive a photo of the child you support, as well as two progress reports per year. You can write to your child or even visit his or her school. You could also make a one-time donation to help us give these children and their families a chance for a better life. To learn more or to make a donation, please email or call us at 416-754-8116.