Rebuilding lives – 80 shelters, 500+ villagers

In the summer of 2010, massive floods hit Pakistan and affected 18.1 million people (7 million people in Sindh province) while displacing almost 4.5 million into temporary camps and displacement centers. Floodwaters negatively impacted an estimated 900,000 households in Sindh, damaging or destroying 1,894,530 houses and saturating 224,630 acres of cropland, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) thus making shelter construction one of the greatest needs in the country. The Muslim Welfare Canada completed an assessment of villages in sub-district Mehar and identified village Qadir Baksh Rind in District Dadu as one of the worst affected. In this village, 80 families, almost its entire population, remain without permanent homes after having lost all their possessions in this calamity. In 2014, more than four years since the devastation floods, this village has not received any major rehabilitation or development assistance, neither from the local government nor NGOs. In response to this disaster, Muslim Welfare Canada has partnered with IDRF, a registered Canadian charity,  by funding the entire cost of the project, to construct 80 permanent shelters and 16 animal shelters for the more than 500 residents of this village. The new village is being built with consideration to protection from future floods and harsh weather conditions. This project engages the community beneficiaries in rebuilding their homes and lives with active participation in the design, implementation and monitoring of the development. Over 500 villagers from this devastated area will benefit from newly constructed homes and animal shelters in the initial phase. Future phases will include repairs to the school, medical clinic/dispensary and mosque. Additionally, enhancements for the general infrastructure, installation of hand pumps as well as implementation of long term sustainability programs are planned. Your support is needed to ensure the 80 displaced families have the comfort and security of new homes and a brighter future. Your donations at work

  • Gift a house                                                            $3,000
  • Repairs to Mosque                                                $2,500
  • School furniture/Supplies                                    $2,000
  • Equipment for medical clinic/dispensary         $1,500
  • Gift a hand pump                                                   $400

Please note that donor acknowledgement will be done through a community monument that recognizes the contributions of those who made the building of these homes possible. This practice honours the generosity of donors while preserving the dignity of beneficiaries. To learn more about this program or to become a donor, please email or call us at 416-754-8116