Your Qurbani will bring a smile to hungry kids.

Many families in the world don’t get to enjoy meat like we do here – where it is readily available and affordable.

This Eid, consider donating your obligatory Qurbani through Muslim Welfare Canada so that we can continue to distribute meat to the less fortunate regions of the world – as we have been for the past 20 years, thanks to our generous supporters and donors.

This year the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for some families to put food on the table, but your Qurbani donations could change that for them. Help give poor families a joyous Eid and a delicious meal with your generous donations!

CountryCow (Share) PriceGoat Price
Sri Lanka$95$220

July 18th is the last date to accept Qurbani donation!

Donate Your Qurbani Now!


What is the importance of Qurbani?

Qurbani or sacrifice of cattle, as practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an essential Islamic practice commemorating the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham (PBUH).

Do you distribute Qurbani meat locally?

YES! Muslim Welfare Canada has been actively involved in collecting and distributing over 45,000 pounds of Qurbani meat to over 26,000  families in need through our Food & Essential Items Banks in Greater Toronto Area and the Durham Region.

Please drop off your Qurbani meat at our food banks during business hours, and we will distribute it on your behalf.

How much is Qurbani?

The cost of goat/cow is different across the various regions. You can see the pricing here. One whole goat or one-seventh share of a cow equals one Qurbani donation.

When is the last day to book my Qurbani through MWC?

July 18th is the absolute last day to book your Qurbani. Do not delay! Remember – Qurbani is obligatory on all of-age Muslims who can afford it.

I’m concerned about the meat.

Valid concern. Livestock must be healthy, hygienically, and ethically treated – and we have sourced partners who abide by this.

When are the animals sacrificed?

Between the 10th and 13th of Dhul Hijjah, and then distributed to the poor immediately.

Who receives the meat?

The less fortunate and vulnerable members of society receive your Qurbani donations, including widows, orphans, the destitute, the elderly, people with disabilities, refugees, and others who truly need it.

More questions?

To learn more or to book your sacrifice, please email or call us at 416-754-8116.