This Giving Tuesday, let’s work on building new home facilities for seniors in Canada!

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What is Giving Tuesday? 

Giving Tuesday is an annual global day of giving. Individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations come together to give back to their communities and support important causes. This day holds the world record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours. 

How can you join MWC to give back? 

We’re collecting donations to build two new facilities for seniors in Canada! This project is essential for providing care for our seniors, and we need your help to make it a reality. 

Your gift helps us build two facilities – the 192-bed Long-Term Care Facility, which houses those who need full-time assistance, and our 96-bed Campus of Care, which provides affordable housing for seniors. With your support, we can provide these vital services to our community and make a real difference in the lives of our seniors. 

Every dollar counts, so please donate to the MWC Long-term Care facility and Campus of Care today and show your commitment to giving back to your local community. 

Why senior care? 

Ontario has an increasingly critical housing shortage, with a waitlist of nearly 30,000 seniors. 

The senior population is projected to nearly double by 2041, with an estimated 4.6 million seniors in need. These seniors deserve help to age with grace and dignity.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “If a young man honours an elderly on account of his age, Allah appoints someone to honour him in his old age.”

Donate today and give a better future to seniors in Canada. 

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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