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Donate to Muslim Welfare Canada and light up futures. Your pledge to our donation form supports crucial initiatives—clean water, childcare, disaster relief, and education for those in need.

Together, let's build a world of thriving communities through sustainable development and education. Your kindness creates hope and health globally.

Make a profound impact by donating to Muslim Welfare Canada, Your donation can help ignite a brighter future for many. By filling out our donation form, you can contribute to various programs that make a real difference—like providing clean water, supporting child care, aiding disaster relief efforts, and championing education in underserved communities.

Join us in this noble cause; every pledge brings us closer to a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Your generosity can pave the way for sustainable development, transformative education, and the nurturing of hopeful, healthy communities worldwide.

Please fill out the pledge form and become a part of this positive change today.

Our Impact


109 million+ lbs

Greenhouse gases averted

$102 million+

Value of food rescued

37.8 million+

Pounds of food rescued

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