Did you know? Muslims are responsible for modern inventions we see today, like surgery,
cameras, toothbrushes, and many more.

October is Islamic Heritage Month, and it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn about
the rich history of Islam. In addition, this month is an opportunity to celebrate the many
contributions Muslims have made to our world and a time to challenge negative stereotypes and
promote inclusion. By coming together to learn about and celebrate Islamic heritage, we can
build a more understanding and compassionate world for everyone.

During Islamic Heritage Month, we have a chance to come together and learn more about this
vital part of our shared heritage. We can also work to break down the barriers that prevent us
from fully understanding and appreciating the diversity within our communities. This October,
let’s work together to build a lasting legacy by lifting one another through our giving.

Donate Now.

As MWC continues to combat food insecurity within Canada and around the world. With your
help, we have provided food, water, clothing, backpacks, and more, to Muslim and non-Muslim
communities. Our food banks in Scarborough and Mississauga saw 33,273 visits in 2021. Our
Arctic Food Bank, which provides vital services to people living in Inuvik, NT and Iqaluit, NU,
saw 4,163 visits.

We have also been able to support mothers and children by promoting health and support for
expectant mothers and newborns in the region of Thar, Pakistan. We have prevented infant
mortality through the provision of incubators and professional care. In addition, more than 200
kits were distributed to Afghan refugee families.
With your continued support, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those who
need it most.

We can all play a role in making Islamic Heritage Month a success. By working together, we can
help to promote understanding and respect for Muslim Canadians and make our country a
a better place for everyone.

Donate your Sadaqah and Zakat.