Gaza's Silent Hunger

Gaza's crisis deepens every day, with essential supplies like food and water becoming increasingly scarce. Recently, a video surfaced that brings this heartbreaking situation into sharp focus.

It shows a Gazan woman and her family, who haven't been able to eat bread—a basic staple—for two months. Their story is a powerful window into the suffering that countless others are enduring in silence, many of whom face the life-threatening consequences of dehydration and hunger.

This poignant footage is a stark reminder of the many similar stories unfolding in Gaza, and it underscores the critical need for immediate humanitarian intervention.

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A Look At The Crisis

1)  Mohammed Abed/AFP via Getty Images, 2) Creator: NurPhoto Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images, 3) Copyright: Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto, 4) Creator: MOHAMMED SALEM | Credit: REUTERS

Gaza: On The Ground

Continuous bombardment and a lack of access to food, medicine and shelter have led to a famine situation, putting the lives of thousands at risk. With each passing moment, the situation becomes more dire. Your swift support can save lives.

Since October 7 Gaza has faced relentless bombardment causing immense loss and destruction.


  • 30,000+
  • 13,430 children
  • 9000 women


  • More than 74,694 +
  • 8,663 children
  • 8,400 women


  • At least 8,000


Since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza in October, UNICEF has estimated that approximately one thousand children have suffered amputations. this includes losing limbs (arms, legs, feet, etc..) destroying dreams and robbing children of their childhood.

Since the hostilities began, Israeli airstrikes have completely damaged the infrastructure within Gaza.

From Schools to Mosques to Churches, nothing has been spared and nowhere is safe.

Hospitals have also been targetted and the healthcare system is practically defective.

  • 439,000 residential buildings destroyed or damaged 
  • 378 educational facilities damaged, and all schools have been shut down.
  • 12 out of 36 hospitals are left standing, some of which are dysfunctional. 
  • 120 ambulances damaged, and only 6 are currently operational in the entire gaza strip.
  • 336 places of worship damaged, 2 remaining churches are left and 78 mosques completely destroyed.