Start your Ramadan right, start with the gift of charity.

Living costs continue to rise, even here at home. Many families are food insecure, and depend heavily on services like our food banks, free medical clinics, and shelters. Support our local programs this Ramadan. 

Your Donations, Your Impact.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah donations last year meant we were able to support critical projects here in Canada and abroad.

Your donations support people in our homeless shelters, women in transitional housing, elderly requiring support for livelihood and those on the streets receiving meals through programs like Malvern Eats.

Additionally, your Zakat last Ramadan meant families in Pakistan received shelter, food, clothing and other support during the devastating floods.

Because of you, children in need receive food and water through our child sponsorship program.

This Ramadan, your support will be critical for us to continue supporting our existing and future projects.

Please donate today to make a difference.

Automate Your Giving

Automate your giving, setup your donations for the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and keep your mind at ease.

In the sacred last 10 nights of Ramadan, your choice to automate your Zakat and Sadaqah donations amplified our collective impact. Through this thoughtful automation, you’ve ensured continuous support for crucial projects both in Canada and overseas, every single blessed night.

Your automated contributions have fueled our initiatives, from providing care in homeless shelters and transitional housing for women, to essential support for the elderly and nourishing meals for those in need via programs like Malvern Eats.

Thanks to your ongoing support, children facing hardship access vital nourishment and clean water through our child sponsorship initiatives.

This Ramadan, the power of automated giving is more critical than ever. It ensures that our life-changing projects receive steady support, particularly in these last 10 nights, maximizing your blessings and impact.

Activate your automated donations today, and let’s continue to make a meaningful difference together.

Our Ramadan Kit

Image of Ramadan Dua Collection E-Book cover with inspirational Islamic design.
Ramadan Duas

Enrich your prayers with our Ramadan Dua Collection. Elevate spirituality and seek blessings with powerful supplications.

Cover image of Ramadan Fiqh Guide detailing fasting rules and zakat information.
Ramadan Fiqh E-Book

Learn fasting rules and zakat with our essential Ramadan Fiqh Guide. Simplify your spiritual observance this holy month.

Cover of Ramadan Quran E-Book highlighting zakat benefits and Islamic teachings
Ramadan Quran E-Book

Discover zakat benefits with our concise Ramadan Quran Guide. Enhance your faith and practices during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Coloring Book cover with Islamic patterns and themes for children's activities.
Ramadan Coloring Book

Entertain kids with our Ramadan Coloring Book. Perfect for Islamic learning and family bonding through creative arts.

MWC Impact Report

Take a look at our impact report for last year, to see all the amazing projects that you were able to support.

Graphic for Quran Playlist featuring verses and peaceful Ramadan imagery
Quran Playlist

Immerse in the Quran with our Ramadan Playlist. A daily companion for reflection, offering peace and guidance.

Ramadan Calendar

Stay organized and spiritually aligned with our comprehensive Ramadan Calendar. Keep track of fasting times, prayer schedules, and important dates throughout the month.

Ramadan Duas

Transform your Ramadan nights with our essential duas, offering solace, guidance, and a deeper sense of peace throughout the month.

Ramadan Fiqh E-Book

Master the practices of Ramadan with our comprehensive Fiqh guide, offering clarity and confidence in your observance.

Ramadan Quran E-book

Discover the Quran's timeless wisdom this Ramadan with our user-friendly guide, perfect for daily contemplation and growth.

Ramadan Coloring Book

Combine fun and learning this Ramadan with our coloring pages, designed to entertain and educate your kids During the holy month.

Ramadan Calendar

Stay on time this Ramadan with our specially designed calendar. Track suhoor, iftar, and prayer times daily to ensure you're in sync all month.