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This Ramadan, your compassion will fuel our mission to create a more just world where no one is forgotten. Unlock the potential of relief by joining us in this transformative journey – let’s make it an incredible Ramadan together!

Make your Ramadan meaningful by donating Sadaqah and Zakat to our programs, providing millions of people with vital resources such as food, water, shelter, and more. Your generous donations can bring hope to those in need!

The Prophet’s Words: Give the gift of clean water

The Prophet SAW said, “The best charity is giving water to drink.” At a time when people around the world are beginning to miss having clean water readily available, let us not forget those living without access to this basic necessity.

Your donation will provide a long-standing clean water service to those in need. By giving your Sadaqah and Zakat this Ramadan, you can give the gift of clean water to families in need. Your donation will build a water well or hand pump, helping to bring clean, accessible water to those in poverty. For your generosity, we will put a plaque with your name on the well or pump you’ve donated.

Support Disaster Relief Efforts

When disaster strikes, many are left with no home or means to rebuild. That’s why we exist – to offer a beacon of hope and comfort during those unimaginably tough times for people around the world. With compassion from our generous donors and allies, we provide relief in troubled communities where it is needed most. Join us as we strive every day towards creating positive change on an international level by donating funds that ensure lives will be repaired.

Pay your Zakat Al Fitr before Eid! Donate your Zakat now.

To donate your zakat, sadaqa, fitra and fidya, or to learn more – please email us at or call us at 416-754-8116.

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