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Invested in children
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Since 1999, Muslim Welfare Canada has invested $1,902,000 in supporting the growth and education of children in need. 

Countries Helped​

The Support a Child program by Muslim Welfare Canada began in 1999 and has been operating for over two decades, making a difference in the lives of children in need. 

Children supported

The Support a Child program has supported 12,000 children since its inception.

Food, Education, Health, Clothing
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The program delivers a comprehensive impact in essential areas.

Invested in water exploration
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Since the inception of the program in 2006, MWC invested $3.3m in the Water Exploration program to support water access in remote villages and desert areas of Pakistan.

Years of service

The Water Exploration program by Muslim Welfare Canada started in 2006. Given that the current year is 2023, the program has been serving its target communities for 17 years.

Families supported

Since 2006, the Muslim Welfare Canada’s Water Exploration program has supported 321,400 families.

Children impacted

Since 2006, the program has secured clean water for 25,712 Pakistani children, fostering better health, hygiene, and opportunities for education, significantly improving their quality of life and future prospects.