At the Muslim Welfare Canada we believe, “Service to Humanity is Service to God.” Our mission is to serve the humanity at large, starting at home and within our local communities, regardless of caste or creed.

Locally, we provide individuals in need with food, shelter, free healthcare services, and culturally sensitive communal living. We also offer a free grocery program to the families of students in our school system. With the help of public generosity, we were able to expand this program to include the School Nutrition Program.

Internationally, we are involved in the fight against child labour and poverty, promoting literacy through our free schools and striving to end hunger. We also promote good health by funding water exploration projects and free clinics in the third world and providing disaster relief to countries facing natural disasters around the world.

With the help of generous donations we are able to bring these local and international projects to life, allowing us to serve all those in need.
For more information please visit us at the centre in Scarborough, Whitby or Mississauga or contact us at 416-754-8116, Toll Free at 1-866-754-3111.

Please donate generously to support this unique service offered by Muslim Welfare Canada.